Good Hangover Food

Suffering from severe headache and drowsiness after a night’s full of alcoholic drinks and your favorite cocktails? Don’t worry, there are solutions that you can tap to ease the severe headache and foul mood this morning, and some of the best solutions can be found in your kitchen. That’s right; you no longer need to rush for your medications as a way to treat your hangover headache. Just find the right and good hangover food, and you’ll feel your best once again in no time. Here are some of the recommended hangover foods to try when you have failed to control yourself the other night.

Coconut Water

You need to hydrate your body in order to work in optimum state once again without the usual headache. This is can be done by drinking coconut water as soon as you feel that the headache is creeping. Though you can always count on sports drink to replenish the lost electrolytes in the body, keep in mind that most of the bottled sports drinks are carbonated and will only irritate your stomach. The great thing about coconut water is that this is refreshing and packed with electrolytes which can help you regain your lost electrolytes and boost your early morning feeling.

Load Up on Eggs

Eggs are recommended for your hangover every morning since these are rich in protein and these are easy to digest. And according to many experts, the protein that comes with the eggs can help brush away the remaining toxins. As much as possible, go for the egg whites with only a minimal yolks so that you don’t consume too much cholesterol that can only affect your cholesterol count.

Sip Some Soup

Though associated as the food for the sick, still you can count on a soup to bring back your old good feeling. Whether it is a chicken soup or a tomato soup, sipping a hot soup can help you manage your extreme hangover. Also, the salt in the soup can help you retain some water and this is extra helpful if you have been vomiting for the past few hours. Also, since salt in the soup will make you thirsty, then you will be forced to drink as much water as possible.

Eat Your Fruits and Drink Fruit Juices

Skip the usual chips and other junk food. When it comes to snack items the morning after your drinking spree, then it’s wise to check out fruits and real fruit juices inside the fridge.  The sugar that you can get from the juice and the fruit can help you boost your energy in the morning. Also, the sugar in the fruit can help take out the toxins that come with the alcoholic drinks.
When it comes to managing your hangover, rely on good hangover food. This means you don’t need to waste your time and resources with the usual junk food- from pizza, chips to cola. Go natural by tapping into coconut water, soup and fruits in your battle to manage your extreme hangover.

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